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We've released open source projects (most notably ElephantDB and Cascalog) in the past that are successfully used in production by us as well as other companies. You should check them out if you're interested in a measure of quality, though I understand your concern.

We're a startup — we're not going to write an academic paper supporting the claims in the post. Nevertheless, Storm's an exciting project many people are curious to learn more about; that's why we've written something about it now.

We have a demo coming soon, and Storm itself will be open sourced soon enough.

I absolutely understand the issue of being resource constrained.

It seems like this is buzz-worthy, (like http://mailchimp.com/omnivore/), but this pitch is nerd-focused, not potential-customer focused. If you pitch to nerds, you want a github link. If you pitch to potential customers, highlight the benefits that are now possible due to this innovation.

At least in our batch, we got drilled this repeatedly: Don't talk features. Talk benefits.

Dont call it "the Hadoop of" if it is not open source. Hadoop is notable as an open source project not actually a new idea...

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