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This is very interesting, and I LOVE that Google is doing it. I use google maps to make sure that a rickshaw/taxi driver isn't ripping me off by going the wrong/long way. It has come in handy for me several times in India.

The real trouble in India is addresses. When I lived in India my official address was 3rd Floor Pran Vijay / Near H K House Lane / Opposite Bata Showroom / Income Tax Colony / Ashram Road / Navrangpura Ahmedabad-380009

How the hell will Gmaps figure that out? Will we just start using lat/long coordinates?

Income Tax Colony?

Income Tax Colony?

Lot of companies in India both public and private, including the govt. have subsidized housing adjacent to the office buildings. They're often called colonies. A lot of the times, these subsidized housing options are open to the public as well, maybe at higher rates. This might be one instance relating to the IT (Income Tax) Dept.

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