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As person with disabilities and physical health problems people are often at awe at me for how I go on with my life and now I'm looking at the same awe at you.

Do you feel there's anything missing with memtrax or any other tool which can make your life easier i.e. help track your cognitive health or help your current lifestyle?

Time to diagnosed is one of the biggest things. Gig economy kept family off the street when I was at my worst.

I had symptoms 20 years ago, serious problems 10 years that were warning signs of autoimmune.

When it got really bad it was 20-40 doctor visits to get a diagnosis.

It’s the Second most common autoimmune condition, behind lupus.

Also getting ride of American diet. A lot of people are predisposed to autoimmune, but need a trigger.

The least I could do to help was to mention this problem -'Reduce time to diagnose Autoimmune Disease'[1] in my problem validation platform.

You're welcomed to join the discussion, hopefully one day we'll be able to find a solution.


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