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I wish you well and hope the treatment is successful.

> Cognitive decline is a real issue for me.

How do you track this? Do you have any self tests to keep the cognitive state in check or are they standard medical tests?

2 ways. I started tracking my memory score over time. https://memtrax.com/ At my lowest it would frighten people to watch me take the test.

“You just saw that image 3 times in the last 60 seconds” Me: I have never seen that image before. At my best I could outscore most anyone in the office.

Second is more arbitrary, but more important.

Been programming for decades. Since I was a kid. A task that normally would take me a few minutes might take me a week. Harder concepts were beyond me, felt like I was trying to tackle calculus after learning fractions. I “knew” I could do it, except I couldn’t anymore.

Then I would have some good days, and I would go around the office solving all the really hard problems for people.

As person with disabilities and physical health problems people are often at awe at me for how I go on with my life and now I'm looking at the same awe at you.

Do you feel there's anything missing with memtrax or any other tool which can make your life easier i.e. help track your cognitive health or help your current lifestyle?

Time to diagnosed is one of the biggest things. Gig economy kept family off the street when I was at my worst.

I had symptoms 20 years ago, serious problems 10 years that were warning signs of autoimmune.

When it got really bad it was 20-40 doctor visits to get a diagnosis.

It’s the Second most common autoimmune condition, behind lupus.

Also getting ride of American diet. A lot of people are predisposed to autoimmune, but need a trigger.

The least I could do to help was to mention this problem -'Reduce time to diagnose Autoimmune Disease'[1] in my problem validation platform.

You're welcomed to join the discussion, hopefully one day we'll be able to find a solution.


Not OP but I live in a different country where I barely speak the language. I can turn on the TV in the morning and depending on how easy or difficult it is for me to parse what they are saying, tells me how sharp my mind is that day.

Similarly to the sibling comment, I spent years struggling. There were points where I sat down to write a super simple Craigslist scraper and couldn't do it, my working memory was so poor that it was like I couldn't hold more than 2 or 3 concepts or ideas/variables in my head at the same time. This task is something that I knew just a few years before I could have whipped up in 30 minutes or less.

Thank you for taking the time to answer.

Do you use any tools like OP to help with your lifestyle? I know memory is a complex problem even for those who don't usually face explicit issues like you do; but does common memory retention practices like 'spaced repetition' made any positive improvements for you?

Definitely. Most of the time I'm pretty sharp, although I definitely have days where I basically can't get anything done. I have just started using Anki to great effect (preparing for programming interviews is a nightmare if your brain is a sieve).

Since I know that my symptoms are almost entirely caused by diet, I have written down everything that I've eaten, every supplement that I've taken, every hour that I've slept, every noise or pain I feel in my stomach, and information about all of my bowel movements since 2017.

I thought I had things under control last year, and didn't take any notes for 2 months. Now I have an issue with H2S bacterial overgrowth, essentially a sulfur sensitivity. "If it can be measured, it can be managed."

The fact that I moved to Europe in October to avoid the pandemic and election nonsense, hasn't helped me. There are tons of supplements and tests that I would be able to get in the states that are simply unavailable in the country that I'm residing in. Pretty frustrating, and tbh, I can't wait to get back, hopefully late spring/summer.

You seem to be as fanatical about solving this issue as me, I'd love to hear what tests you want to get.

Unfortunately, I have terrible brain fog, which mostly affects my working memory. This has plagued me for over a decade. As you noted, programming interviews are a nightmare.

Through the autoimmune protocol diet I discovered caffeine has a negative impact on me. I've noticed a small, but not insignificant improvement through cutting out all caffeine. Previously, I drank several cups of coffee a day.

I also took genetic testing and found I have some MTHFR mutations plus some other things, including a supposed indicator that I'm sensitive to caffeine, reaffirming my earlier findings. I've also cut out folic acid completely. However, I take these test results with a grain of salt, since there is mixed evidence of SNPs actual being of importance.

I've also experimented with probably 30+ supplements. I'd say more than half the time, my brain fog worsens when supplementing. I've finally settled on just melatonin and glycine at night. With these, I actually remember my dreams, which I take as a good sign.

Anyway, I've done very little blood testing recently, but in the past, a standard blood panel came back normal. Again, would love to hear what testing you had in mind.

I have all manner of stomach/digestive issues on top of the brain fog stuff, although that is generally related. I have definitely spent thousands of dollars on supplements, tried probably hundreds of them. I want to get the TrioSmart breathe test to figure out specifically what my intestines are infected with, I want to get as comprehensive a food sensitivity testing panel done as possible. There are also lots of supplements that I know would help me that are not available where I am, for example bismuth (pepto bismol).

In your case, I would recommend getting some L Glutamine power and taking a bunch of that in the morning and at night. That would likely fix your brain fog or at least go a long way. Best resource I've found is brainhealthbook.com . What is your email? I'll reach out and we can discuss ideas, theories and strategies further.

I have posted this problem 'Easy way to record diet, lifestyle habits'[1] on my problem validation platform.

Hopefully we would be able to find some solutions. You're welcomed to join the discussions.


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