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SecureDrop: Share and accept documents securely (securedrop.org)
129 points by vincent_s 35 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 19 comments

Originally created by Aaron Swartz, wow. Incredible to see his work enduring.

Idea and driving force to make this product reality was Kevin Poulsen, Aaron Swartz did most of the code on the MVP, and James Dolan did most of the security/documentation/evangelism work.

Aaron and James are no longer with us.

Source: I was there to help out a small bit at the start with white-boarding security architecture ideas from the start, etc.

What happened to Mr Dolan?

warning needed on that

Is this the current state of HN? A warning is needed for a softly worded reality? My god.

It’s just a link with no description of what it leads to, so it’s not a “softly worded reality”.

The parent said "...James are no longer with us". I'm not sure how you can read that as anything else.

That was the grand parent or great grandparent comment. I was replying and suggesting a warning was appropriate on the link to the story itself which gave no content warning regarding suicide.

There are many many reasons why someone is no longer with us.

Death should not be a laughing matter

Who said it was a laughing matter? It's just a news report of an event that happened.

Originally created by Aaron Swartz AND Kevin Poulsen. Please stop with the fanboyism.

I am inspired by Aaron's memory in an on-going manner as I try to walk in his footprints as a fellow ThoughtWorker...


FTA, about James Dolan :

> He often cited the Iraq War as his inspiration for wanting to help journalists and whistleblowers; it made him realize governments needed to be much more transparent and accountable.

Very cool. I've seen this on propublica.

it's become somewhat of a best-practice with mainstream news too. The Guardian, WaPo, Der Spiegel, ... are all using it:




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