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Show HN: A dead code killer for Erlang (nextroll.com)
103 points by elbrujohalcon 39 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

> Hank will detect and warn you about valid parts of your code that could potentially be deleted or at least refactored based on rules.

The place I work runs a heterogeneous erlang cluster (cluster-as-service-mesh), I assume the best way to deal with this is to mark off that module, or the specific cluster exports, to be ignored.

I imagine this tool also has a hard time identifying function invocations via erlang:apply

How do you handle code that you want to keep in place commented out, because it might be needed later for debugging/etc?

I don't think you're forced to act on anything that it finds; it just points you at things that might be removable cruft.

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