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We Are Not Special (hillelwayne.com)
50 points by nathcd on Jan 20, 2021 | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

Software could be a lot more like electrical engineering, if ideas like flow based programming took off.

The ability to completely remove side-effects from a given piece of code makes it possible to treat things as black boxes, which is an essential part of most circuit design.

You could compare low level Assembler/C code to RF analog design, they're both black arts subject to high amounts of tweaking to get things working reliably.

GIT for schematics would be a great improvement. It could also come in handy for CNC G-code.

Git Blame to figure out why a mill crashed could save huge amounts of effort, tooling, and repair, along with making manufacturing more flexible.

Last Christmas I was wondering what hazelnut shells can be used for. Now I know...

As someone who has done both. Amen. We’re all (hopefully) trying to get stuff done and operating under different constraints.

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