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Show HN: A mindfulness based social network designed to be checked once a week (sundayy.app)
215 points by jillianschuller 47 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 60 comments

Hey all,

A year ago I deleted Facebook and Instagram from my phone. I didn’t like the attention hijacking, or the never-ending feed surfing, or how they made me feel.

Looked around for a more minimalist platform I could use to stay connected to family and friends. Couldn’t find one, so started building one.

Sundayy is a social network centered around mindful reflection. It is designed to be checked just once a week, on Sunday.

Mon - Sat: You’re prompted to slow down, reflect, and write about what the day has brought you. Once you reflect, that’s it. Reflections are kept secret. There are no feeds to check.

Sunday: Reflections for the week are revealed. You can look back on your friend’s and family’s week as they lived it; day by day, in their own words.

My husband and I have been building Sundayy together while using it with close family and friends. Has become a nice ritual to read reflections over a tea on Sunday morning, then call family/friends from there.

This is a great idea and the UI is beautiful.

I had a similar personal project a while back to just send out emails to people with my "social update" on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis. People would opt-in to the email and select the frequency from a form on my personal website, and on my end I would get a reminder to send out my weekly update. It ended up being a bit buggy and a hassle to manage, and I'm planning to rewrite it soon. I bet if you built this feature into the app, you could organically grow the user base, as users would be able to still send Sunday reflections to certain emails and that email could have a link to download the app.

I think the audience for an app like this is people like me, who want to free themselves from social media altogether. I'm thrilled to see people working on the dopamine addiction that Twitter/Facebook/etc feed on, and wish you the best of luck on this venture!

Also, if you're looking for some free serverless code to power the idea I mentioned above, let me know how I should get that to you.

Thank you for the kind words!

That is a very good idea re emailing the weekly update. Ironically we started with it being email based, then switched to the in app “buddies” (addable via a buddy code). Switched because people didn’t have an immediate email list, but definitely want to add this back in!

Thank you for the feedback, if you give Sundayy a go please let me know what you think - jill@hey.com :)

Brilliant idea! Can you say a few words about how you will protect user data? (What I really want is I want every developer of any such app tied to the mast like Odysseus because we've seen what the sirens song of growth based investments from venture capital funds can do even to nice and smart people line the WhatsApp founders ;-)

Can't agree more. If you are wondering how much main stream social apps are sharing, you can see a summary at this link. https://www.facebook.com/off_facebook_activity/activity_list. Mine has over 2,000 websites that are sharing data back.

We have thought about monetizing down the line, but on principle I’m completely opposed to any model re ads/user data. We’d treat it like a tool you pay a one off price for.

Data privacy is something we can be more explicit about (thank you for highlighting this - will work on it). Re developers, it’s just my husband and I at the moment, and we’re just building it because we want it to exist.

If you want to email me any questions/concerns, I’m jill@hey.com :)

The privacy policy you have currently does not mention what you do with the content that users share with each other.

Do you provide this information to third parties?


Interesting idea.

But worth remembering. A huge chunk of the world works on Sunday. E.g Middle East has its week days Sunday to Thursday.

I believe it's Saturday to Wednesday, with Thu & Fri as the weekend days.

Not sure about that. I've been in a lot of Middle East countries and they were Sunday to Thurs.

How do these two quotes relate? They are kept secret for the week but then revealed all at once?

> Reflections are kept secret.

> Reflections for the week are revealed. You can look back on your friend’s and family’s week...

Yes, this is very confusing. Some people could read this and mistakenly assume that their reflections are always kept secret (because they didn't read the second sentence).

It might be better to change it to "Reflection are kept secret until Sunday."

This might seem like a little issue, but it's not. All it takes is one over eager person to join the app in haste, not really read how it works, post some embarrassing secret thinking it will be kept secret and then become mortified when it's revealed. Then they will raise a storm online and your app will be known as something that causes drama rather than alleviates it.

I wouldn't use the word secret at all in this case, frankly

I think they mean that they're hidden until the next Sunday after they were posted.

That’s right! Every Sundayy you can read everyone’s reflections on that day only. Then they are gone forever. It’s very whimsical :)

So there’s no option to save your reflections as an ongoing journal? That was one of my motivations for installing the app today.

I love this idea but I don't own an iOS or Android device. Will there be any effort to make a web version?

There’s a web version! https://www.sundayy.app/users/sign_up

If you're going to reach out anyway, couldn't you call them without checking the feed? I guess I don't see how this is different than just unfollowing your Facebook friends and going to look at their profiles on Sunday.

People mostly post junk (or nothing) on Facebook.

Having used Sundayy for a few months with friends and family the quality of content is much higher, I believe this is because it encourages you to keep a much smaller and intentional list of buddies. It also doesn’t require you to keep your Facebook account.

That is a really nice idea and anybody on a network that allows drafts could adopt this on a personal level.

I hope this usage pattern gains some traction.

Jill invited me to this app about 3 months ago, and it's helped me kick my social media addiction.

I wanted to stay on social media to keep up with important stuff going on with my closer friends and family. Engagements, holiday snaps, birthdays, ect. Basically, I had Fomo.

The problem was that I was spending an hour a day scrolling through, mostly ads and low quality news on my feed. I think my last actual post was over 5 years ago.

With Sundayy I know that if anything actually important happens I will find out about it on Sunday. The delayed gratification is refreshing, in a world where everything else is just a click away.

The other benefit is I now have an extra 7 hours a week that I didn't spend mindlessly scrolling.

Beautiful idea, app, and page, but from the Privacy Policy:

>We may share Your personal information in the following situations: With Service Providers, For business transfers, With Affiliates, With business partners

I can't get down with that.

I like the idea, but without privacy I would never share my thoughts and feelings in social network. Even though I find a important psychological point is missed in the concept.

On behalf of a psychological viewpoint, every human tells 2 narratives. One to belong to a group, seeking an image he wants to be seen as, and, an inner one, reflecting on behaviours with utmost honesty to one self in order to mature\grow.

Sharing personal insights while knowing anyone could read your thoughts later on, twists your notes in a misleading direction, I find. This kept me from journaling 20 years in fear someone could neglect myself on behalf of my notes\points\feelings\ideas written down.

In this high speed, working environment today, we rarely take time to reflect, and when we do, taking notes, shouldn't be a privacy lost way to do that. --- Some months ago I started with 2 friends regular and self-honest check'ins. Every one does daily journaling for him\herself and only presents insights about themselves, not to proof anything to the group, nor getting something out, bit to have the courage to speak out to oneselfs with courage what new viewpoint has been gathered lately on one selfs behaviour.

Start that with that. Pick beloved ones nearby, ask them if they are interested in having such an interview, encouraging oneself and others and you start maturing (I find myself). No online social network needed.

I don’t see anything particularly wrong with that as long as their business model isn’t ad based. Plus, it’s their MVP, so it’s probably a legal template to protect themselves more than their actual intent.

Agree it’s likely a legal template but it’s a bit like bringing a dead canary into a coal mine - normally there might be a warning that there’s a gas leak but now there definitely will not be

Appreciate the feedback here. Was a legal template for the MVP (as you hinted at above), and not our intention to leave any uncertainty re data privacy.

We've amended the policy, and added this statement so things are clear.

Sundayy does not, and never will, rent or sell your personal data to any third party for any purpose (including advertising or marketing purposes) nor do we, or will we, permit targeted advertising on our Service. We only share personal information with third party service providers under limited circumstances as described in the section below.

Yeah, that's not particularly great but isn't that what other social media networks do as well? Assuming you do use other social media.

To me the appeal of this product is that the intent seems more personal.

The types of interactions that you only want to share with a small crowd or a few friends.

All that goes out the window if you're just going to sell all my personal thoughts that you want me to share with my friends.

100% agree. Our intent is to be far more intentional, personal, and less attention hijacky than FB. Yes, that intention would go out the window if we did what they did re user data.

We've amended the privacy policy by adding this statement to make things far more explicit;

Sundayy does not, and never will, rent or sell your personal data to any third party for any purpose (including advertising or marketing purposes) nor do we, or will we, permit targeted advertising on our Service. We only share personal information with third party service providers under limited circumstances as described in the section below.

As this is iOS only, it would really benefit from "Log in with Apple"! As with all social networks: People only use it if their friends are using it, whom intern have the same problem. This would be great if it would incoroprate automatic recaps of post on other platforms, if a Contact does not have sundayy.

Autmaticly generate A summary from their instagram / facebook for example.

Amazing idea & execution! I'm running a self reflection journal app (https://mindhappy.page.link/app) and had been thinking about building something like this for couples. Glad to see it already exists now :)

I really like this idea and could see it being great to share with family and friends, except for the missing support for web or android. Everyone I would want to connect with on something like this all have a mix of devices and this being apple only would limit that sharing to just a few of them.

There’s a web version! https://www.sundayy.app/users/sign_up

Android version in review with google as we speak (I built it).

Please don't sell it to Facebook when it will kick off

A friend of mine built something similar: https://nutshell.social/ He calls it a slowcial network.

What's your content moderation plan?

Great idea. The only the thing I enjoy about FB is seeing updates from friends and family. Will give it a try

Love this idea! I’d love to be able to include one photo a day.

In Vermont there’s a very popular social network called Front Porch Forum that collects posts and only issues them once a day, it seems like adding time delays and eliminating fast replies is a good circuit breaker to defuse toxicity.

Hey just downloaded this! Pretty stoked to try it out. One question, is there a history of your weeks? I’d love to be able to look back on reflections, or a way to export your weekly reflection if you don’t have the server resources

Funny you should ask as we were just talking about building this!

We are thinking that on Sunday when reading others reflections, you’ll be able to view “your story”, which will be that full history (currently you can see your reflections too, but just for the week).

Glad to hear you’ve signed up! We will commit to having this built before this Sunday so you can use it going forward :P

Thank you for the response! And if y’all start up a patreon or something for donations to pay for hosting in the early stages, so down to support something like this

Best way you can support us is to invite a buddy :)

We are just running on a 2 Heroku dynos so it’s cheap for now. High hosting costs would be an exciting future problem!

Great looking UI for what seems really new but just a few asks:

1. Can there be a way to see which contacts in my contact book have accounts?

2. the add profile pic feature just isn't working at all for me

3. There should be a username system where you can set custom usernames

I love the idea. Discoverability in the App Store is tricky. I typed in "Sundayy" and Apple asked if I meant "Sunday" and showed me a bunch of other apps first!

Sorry to be “that guy” but can’t seem to update my profile picture. Just a heads up. Love the idea! And the UI is super nice. Just posted a reflection.

Android version planned?

love the idea!

In review with Google right now. In the meantime there’s a web version! https://www.sundayy.app/users/sign_up (if you sign up we will email you when android is live)

If all are revealed on Sunday, and I have several hundred friends that would creates a overwhelming long feed right?

Yeah, it would. Most people add between 4 and 7 buddies. Only add people you really care about!

Great idea. How do you plan to monetize?

app only?

I can be friends with whomever, but only see reflections from specific people or groups?

I've pretty much stopped using most social media, because the level of noise that is put into my feed (ads, manipulative "news", etc) drops the signal to noise ratio and I have no ability to curtail it.

Web version too, my hubby linked just above. Android coming in the next week or so.

Everyone you are buddies with can see your reflections, and you can see theirs. It’s best for family and close friends :)

It’s all signal, no noise. Sundayy is the only social network I use now. Removed all the others from my phone :)

Isn't that a bit like a craft tasty beer designed to be drank once a week?

As opposed to drinking cheap crappy beer from a firehose all day long, it’s a refreshing change.

It looks like social networks are more like a drug, so reducing the dose could help

Cool but iOS only so I'd call it an iOS app rather than a social network

The sign up link on the main page goes to apple.

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