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Very interesting experiment and I'm curious to see what comes out of it but I motivation for going to college isn't all about making money (which is what starting a business is all about).

Aside from education, College/University changes people in immeasurable ways. Usually it's where you meet friends you have for life, find the person you want to marry, discover your political and philosophical self, explore vastly different parts of your intellect from incredibly smart/talented people (anything from quantum physics to 18th century english literature), and, most importantly, mature.

These are things that you can't put a price on but will stay with you the rest of your life. Of course, one doesn't necessarily need college to mature but it's a great environment to do it in. I can't imagine trying to do that in a corporate environment.

Entrepreneurs tend to underestimate how many brilliant low-payed people work in universities, and how rewarding it is to work with such people. Plus the job of a lucky researcher is just as a appealing as an entrepreneur. As long as you don't get trapped in their respective bubbles, both worlds are exciting. Statistically though, i bet i could find more happy researchers than happy entrepreneurs.

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