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Interaction & Visual Designer Wanted
on May 25, 2011 | hide
We're looking for someone to lead design at our company. Our yet-to-launch product will be used across the web in a variety of contexts, so the challenges will be significant. All companies want good design, but stunningly beautiful work is a strict prerequisite for our success.

We're based in Palo Alto, and well funded by investors that include Y Combinator, Peter Thiel, and Andreessen Horowitz. We have the founders of several successful companies on board, with histories of building design-focused products, both for companies like Apple and independently. We're already running with a sizable group of extremely enthused beta users.

You should have a history of building beautiful things that work well. We're looking for experience designing interactive web software (or mobile or desktop software), over someone solely focused on graphic design. Although the work will primarily be web design, there will be plenty of opportunity for other creative projects. You should send a link to some of your work when you contact us.

If you're interested, we'd love to hear from you: notastartup@gmail.com.

Registration is open for Startup School 2019. Classes start July 22nd.

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