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While I somewhat agree with the whole "degrees aren't always a good idea" meme, this feels like something of a "stunt" by Thiel. Taking people who are so incredibly smart and giving them money is an interesting concept, but it sure won't prove much about whether Universities are a good idea for us "ordinary" people.

Yes, I agree - smart people like this are likely to succeed in any context. I suppose you could make the argument that their success will likely be heightened by the involvement in the program because of the connections they'll make - but the program doesn't really prove or disprove the idea that the system works or doesn't work. In my opinion, he'd be better off taking a group of kids that are perhaps borderline college material and training them.

he's not make a point about ordinary people. he's making a point about school not working for everyone.

he's taking the smart, motivated people who don't need school and giving them a head start on changing the world.

these smart motivated people won't be clogging up admissions and class sizes, which will make college better and more accessible for people without the smarts, will, or desire to be entrepreneurs.

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