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Open-source Visual JavaScript platform – TotalJS (totaljs.com)
25 points by redindian75 47 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

This project looks awesome; MIT with a near complete feature set included both on the server and the client. Like Laravel for JavaScript. The video was terrible though (IMO) TBH, too aggressive.

Just from a superficial glance and assuming there is nothing fishy in the code, I'm wondering why this hasn't received more traction. A case of NIH? Granted, one could argue Laravel got where they are much thanks to the unique publicity talent of the people involved.

OK - for future reference I believe I found out why this doesn't have more traction. It seems that in order to fully utilize their platform you need to go through a fairly lengthy and detailed registration with considerable legalese. Nowhere could I find sufficient reassurance that the required personal data (name, email, gender, country, phone number and more) will not leak (be sold or traded) to a third party. Not something that feels particularly welcoming.

Very nice, as the maker of a platform called "Visual Javascript" at first I thought someone had posted my project (https://github.com/yazz/visualjavascript), but I stand humbled. TotalJS looks far more awesome. And I loved the video! Great stuff!

I'm on the Getting Started page. How do I actually get started?


I've watched the Vimeo video, but that's an ad, not a tutorial.

What do I install to get that node diagram? How do I make Hello World?

Not connected with the project - but came across this https://builder.totaljs.com/

spent 5 min on there, couldn't figure out (and still can't) what it's about...

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