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Evidence of what? Don't be vague.

Few on the right pay attention to the Qanon meme. In contrast leftists believ most, if not all, conservatives are rabid Qanon faithful. But Qanon is a myth concocted by the left for the left.

As I've stated earlier, the left simply generates an endless sequence of lies, publishes (or yells them) them awhile and then abandons them when the next lie is concocted for publication or if the lie falls flat in the public eye.

No autopsy, no inquest is ever performed on the left's past outrageous lies. If you ask them about the "Russian conspiracy" they'll ignore you and shout about the rightist "insurrection", their latest meme.

The left is, essentially, a mob:

"The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind Paperback – December 24, 2016 by Gustave Le Bon"


Why should I summarize the report? I was responding to the claim that “there was no evidence of Russian influence in the election and collaboration by the Trump campaign”. That claim is demonstrably false. Muller did find evidence, and people went to jail for lying to hide the evidence. The president could not be convicted because the DoJ internal policy prohibits filing charges against a sitting president.

I am not ignoring or shouting about any red herring diversion. Read the report. Read the court proceedings that sent Flynn or Stone to prison.

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