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Bugtraq: BugTraq Shutdown (seclists.org)
111 points by todsacerdoti 50 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 16 comments

This is sad to see. More context on BugTraq (it looks like the wiki page has already been updated with this note): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bugtraq

"The archive will be shut down January 31st, 2021."

Maybe some one should think about archiving this.

A good job for; https://www.archiveteam.org/

I have made a mirror using IPFS https://ipfs.io/ipfs/Qmc6KwFo6iF4zQL5hfzPYibYyAjdg2eKDrYuA6m...

Obviously it isn't a replacement for having the list but at least the information can be retained. I would appreciate if others can pin it as well to spread the failure domain.

Bugtraq is partly responsible for how a lot of us little hackers grew up. It helped give birth to Full Disclosure, which became an ethos that shaped our squishy little brains.

Sometimes you need to do what the powerful call wrong in order to make something right. This idea grew, until a tiny army of little newbie black hats came forth, incompetently causing mischief on the net. This scared executives enough that infosec eventually became a thing. At first we were all just nerdy degenerates getting wasted in a shitty hotel in Las Vegas. And now those degenerates are working in the White House.

Fuck Symantec, and Long Live the 0-day.

I still have old mailing list emails from the early BugTraq days with replies from Julian Assange. It certainly was quite popular in the day!

Very popular, indeed!

Back in the day I followed BugTraq, vendor-sec, and Full-Disclosure and between the three of them was never really caught by surprise.

God dammit! Where I am I gonna get my SunOS zero days?

It was fun downloading exploits and popping the departmental servers in the 90s.

I remember receiving this avalanche of out of office replies any time you published something there that made it through moderation,

It was really popular back in the days

I remember the first time I sent a reply to bugtraq. I was using a friend's server and linked to a tarball for a set of tools. He called me pissed when the box in his room started spinning like crazy. He pulled the DSL connection after it woke him up. This was before the /. effect was a common problem.

You will be missed. Thanks for all the fun times.

This is surprising as it was a somewhat active mailing list. Any known and active replacements?

FD works fine

End of an era.


Sic transit gloria mundi.

Quis archiviet ipsos archives?

Definitely the end of an era.

Nemini parco.

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