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I agree. Lately I've been writing substantial amounts of 'higher level' code again, and I find myself writing many checks for the types of variables (as members or arguments), return values, contents of containers, in situations where one may make inadvertent conversions etc. I'm thinking that much of the time I spend on that would have cost me less time if I could have just specified them in the code and the compiler/runtime would check them for me, like in C++.

Of course writing unit tests helps too, but in C++ the compiler catches these things easily. And I haven't had the desire to use a variant in years so the advantages of having a 'variable' that can be of any type is quite minimal, imo. The auto keyword in C++0x will make a large portion of the tedious parts of strong typing in C++ go away, too.

IMO thinks like type hinting in PHP are absolutely steps in the right direction. There is room for both 'scripting' and 'compiled' languages, but good support for indicating and checking the expected or required types in scripting languages helps tremendously in proactively validating programs.

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