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Can Valve Save Linux Gaming in 2021? (medium.com/linuxforeveryone)
18 points by mariuz 10 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

"Save"? What a strange choice of words... There is no fall from grace happening here, Linux gaming has always been a small contingent of PC gaming.

The article seems to believe that gaming on Linux is on some kind of death clock unless Proton can start gaining traction. I beg to disagree. Linux developers happen to like gaming, so we'll continue to see improvements in that space, regardless of popular demand.

One might argue that Proton, specifically, is a venture funded by Valve. That's partly true, but Valve is a very bottom-up company. Valve's developers are choosing to work on Proton because they want to. Even if Gabe Newell himself (or, more likely, some successor) yanks the reigns away and drops support for Proton, many of those same developers are likely to continue working on the project in their own personal time.

When it comes to anticheat that game companies would want to use, will end up being patched away. Most anticheat software is most just abuse of OS vulnerabilities to gather as much system information as possible.

There's likely to be an opinionated stance that stops old work flat. Like when Ubuntu killed 32 bit support last year, leaving most compatibility guides useless.

Outside of proton there are other platforms I've mentioned already, which help you to run the games on Linux, or check how well they run.



PlayOnLinux has sadly fallen behind, Lutris is what works the best these days. And it can use Proton to run games if necessary.

Until anti cheat gets sorted out no

doesn't stadia run on a linux type of enviroment?


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