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KeepTruckin | Senior Software Engineer(Backend) | REMOTE - US, Canada, India, Pakistan

* US government made it mandatory for trucks to use Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) which monitors truck's health and drivers' hours of service etc. No more paper logs for drivers. All trucks have to use ELDs moving forward and that's making us profitable.

Join the fastest growing SaaS company that is valued at 1.4B USD. https://bit.ly/311f97A

What are we doing?

* We are disrupting the logistics and trucking industry which was least disrupted by tech.

* ELD devices are heart beats of trucks. They send tons of information about the truck to our servers.

* We design/manufacture our own ELD devices and we are creating software for those ELDs as well. We are developing software products other than ELDs as well. We have lot of work to do and interesting problems to solve.

Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, GoLang, ReactJS, graphQL, gRPC, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker etc..

Our team is actively looking for Senior backend engineer. There are other roles ranging from Rnd, AI, Embedded, ML, DS, Front end, Mobile app development etc.

1) Snowflake revenue was 300mn when they IPOed at 70Bn USD. Our ARR is hundreds of millions of dollar and we are going strong.

2) We have engineers from Google, Twitter, Uber, etc.

3) Listed in Forbes Cloud 100 and recognized by Glassdoor as a “Best Place to Work” in 2019 ( https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-KeepTruckin-EI... )

Send me your resume: manoharan@keeptruckin.com

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