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Greetings Fellow Devops! The Codification (http://codification.io/) team is expanding and I'm looking to find some talent to help me out with one of our projects and then optimally join our team. We're embarking on an enterprise SRE transformation project, where we will be retraining/restructuring a giant nordic software consultancies' IT departments and we're looking to bolster our teams talent. The start date is whenever it works for you, and there is no obvious end date since the project seems to keep on expanding :)

We're looking for a technical trainer to start working on either a part-time or full-time basis with us for a contract period (of 1-2 months) and then subsequently (if things go well and there's a culture fit) join in the team permanently Essential Hands' on platform engineering background (k8s/linux/Docker) and/or extensive QA testing expertise Technical trainer experience Desirable Azure and AKS

Feel free to send an invite on linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sunnydean/

some more info on Codification: Codification is a UK based digital transformation consultancy that’s helped some of the world’s leading enterprises adopt cutting edge technology platforms and become more agile. Our specialist expertise is in distributed computing and Cloud Native

Location: Remote

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