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I'm so tired of "content marketing", in its driest and ugliest form. As it is in this case.

The author of the blog post is also the author of a book on "how to live a meaningful life". And the first thing that you hit on that webpage is a sad "ad" to check out the rest of the website, "BEFORE YOU GO, CHECK THIS OUT!".

But I thought... Well, it's #2 on Hacker News, perhaps the content is good...

After reading the article, my impression didn't change: an empty article, cliches all over the place, including stock photos every now and then.

I hate this part of the Internet.

I guess people must be upvoting the title alone because content-wise it's just an empty assertion. "The internet was supposed to be <subjective claim>, instead it is <subjective claim>."

Kinda been thinking about something James Clear, who has likewise been out promoting his book about productivity, said recently that I thought rang true which was (paraphrasing) "The people you follow [online] will end up determining your future thoughts, so choose them carefully."

Summary: Prefer real world over social media.

The path to that conclusion: Very weak, at best.

I agree with you.

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