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Show HN: RemNote – Your Thinking and Learning Workspace (remnote.io)
6 points by mfranzs 2 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

Martin, RemNote co-founder here. We're officially launching today!

As a student and researcher, I had become increasingly aware of how little I remembered after reading an article or completing a course. I was also frustrated with how hard it was to keep my thoughts, research, and projects organized. I needed a tool to streamline my thinking, connect ideas, and optimize my learning for the long term.

RemNote is that tool - an all-in-one workspace to take notes, organize thoughts, learn anything, and grow knowledge.

- Students & learners use RemNote as a long-term learning platform, mastering content through note-taking, integrated spaced-repetition flashcards, PDF annotation, and knowledge-graphing.

- Creators & writers use RemNote as an idea-generation platform, sparking ideas by leveraging references, [[backlinks]], portals, aliases, and graph views.

- Thinkers and organizers use RemNote as a second-brain, staying organized with fast search, templates, to-dos, tags, and other simple-but-powerful organizational features.

I personally find that RemNote works especially well for computer-science concepts; I can carefully piece-apart every component of the system I'm learning and then internalize it with spaced repetition.

You can use it completely offline with our desktop app, or use the synced version across web/mobile/desktop. We're still rapidly building, and I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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