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Oldest known cave painting found in Indonesia (phys.org)
13 points by samizdis 13 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

Do we have something intrinsic in us that causes us to make those hand prints? What is going on? Why is it the same print all over the world?

And always done the same way I presume. Someone holds some red ochre+water mixture in their mouth and then blows it over their hand against the wall. It’s incredible that people were doing that all over the world for thousands of years!

Making a handprint is totally natural. Making a negative of a handprint is absolutely not. Finding it in rock art across tens of thousands of years and tens of thousands of miles is proof of cultural elements being retained over unimaginable generations.

There are a also a set of about just 30-some abstract figures (zigzags, double crosses, etc.) that show up in rock art over many thousands of miles and tens of thousands of years.

And, a tool used by leatherworkers right up to the present, made from an animal's rib, is found in its exact form with the same wear pattern at Neanderthal sites from 50k years ago.

And, the story of the Pleiades as, exactly, seven sisters, with one now missing, is found from Africa to Australia. It was last recognizably seven stars over 40k years ago. It could have been seven geese, or seven islands, or seven pebbles, seven eyes, seven eggs, but it is always and only seven sisters. People must have brought the story with them out of Africa to all the places it lives on in today.

Yes, a hand is different from every animal, and it's your personal hand. We still do the same with baby-feets and paint. And if you look at baby's what they do in the sand it's always press the hand in it and look at the form, it's like a signage.

Maybe it's remnants of some sort of universal signage system that tells what animals are in the area, and what tools you need to hunt them.

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