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TypeScript 4.2 Beta (microsoft.com)
21 points by arrow7000 10 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

I like typescript, but i feel like slowly it is becoming the most complicated looking language out there.

I like that we are free to use as little of the complexity as possible, but a lot of the terse and nuanced syntax can make it difficult to read code within a team.

Same here, it kind of validates my feelings about using only platform languages, which means JavaScript, even if with the caveats of dynamic languages.

It was great on the early days, now it has an endless list of configuration of language behaviours, Haskell style, and I cannot really track down what each supports, specially given those parameters.

Having WebIDL natively supported on the browsers would be enough.

I don't want to play reversi with Typescript type system.

Wow Template Literal Types look awesome, so many possible use cases!

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