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Show HN: Package Sorter – Sorting a group of packages that depends on each other (github.com/jalal246)
1 point by jimmy2020 2 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Topological_sorting is a well known algo for this

You could avoid the noDep / coreDep checks by using this

Thanks for the feedback. Are you interested in algorithms?

generally speaking, yes. I work a lot in DX / dev productivity

- https://github.com/verdverm/pypge (algo I wrote, works like dijkstra's)

- https://github.com/hofstadter-io/cuetorials.com/blob/main/co... (I hang around Cue online)

- https://github.com/hofstadter-io/hof (the main thing I work on)

Obviously, you are :) considering you take a look at the source code.

I have another algorithm for connecting DOM nodes: https://github.com/jalal246/dflex/tree/master/packages/dom-g...

I came across dflex on GH some time ago, looking for dnd Dom manip related tools. Small world

I am curious if you liked it or moved to another tool.

edit: I know it's still early, but I'm trying to introduce something new beyond `pointer-events` and more into studying each node and its effect on the entire dom tree.

Moved on, GPL-3 is a non-starter. Working on something with GrapesJS.

Are you saying something like "notify" rather than "check for changes" with shadow dom? What is studying -> effect? (in more detail)

Well yes. Thanks. It's exactly "notify"

-> click on the node -> node is now ready to move -> function executes desirable effects to all DOM tree based on the movement

- It's not framework. You can implement this solution regardless of what you are using. Even async rendering. It doesn't matter how you start rendering. From above to root or otherwise.

- This is the only solution, taking into consideration the above pontins, that executes "stream of write requests" to the browser. It doesn't write/read then do it again. No lagging. All manipulation runs smoothly 60fps.

- Every change in DOM is registered and updated in the DOM store and exposed. So you can implement (any DOM manipulation) whenever you need in your app.

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