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oedmarap 14 days ago | hide | past | favorite

One way to measure empirically whether he incited the crowd to violence would be to measure the number of capitol buildings stormed, gallows erected, and police officers killed by that crowd before it dispersed. Perhaps you could compare it to the number of police officers killed by the crowd who attended other mainstream politician’s speeches, such as speeches by Obama, Ted Cruz, or George Bush

Did the speech alone incite violence? No. Did it, combined with his tweets, rallies, Fox News segments, etc incite it? Yes.

So not trying to start something and I'm sure I'll get down voted by just asking this... but what the heck. I do hear comments like that a lot. Could you include references to show proof tweets, rallies, Fox, etc. did incite violence? Maybe there are some (honestly I haven't looked because I really don't follow most of those, I'm too busy at work during the day and just sleep when I get home). Thanks for your thoughts.

The speech appears very banal - generic appeals and reiterated platitudes, along with some bureaucratic undertones fixating on numbers. Not something like passionate oratory masterpiece... How does it actually incite these people? It sound extremely boring(i'm not a native english speaker, so i might be getting the tone wrong) like some condensed summary of some book.

Combine it with his ongoing rhetoric and the fact that the administration was warned of an attack by the FBI.

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