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Quant Fund or Metal Band? (quantfundormetalband.com)
71 points by ChrisArchitect 10 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments

My only complaint here is that it looks like after a while it recycles through the names - it should probably take you to a summary page once you reach the end of all the questions.

It offers you the chance to learn from your mistakes

Should have said "fucking quant" as well

This is pretty funny. Take yer damn upvote...

something lighter to break up the cycle (of course one imagines this could be/has been adapted for tech startups etc)

I think "Ikea or Death" is the original: http://ikeaordeath.com/

100% gets my vø†ë

i.e. this kind of thing - Big Data or Pokemon? https://pixelastic.github.io/pokemonorbigdata/

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