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Ask HN: Are there experienced (co) Founders looking for new ventures to start?
5 points by HHend 2 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments
The best advice I’ve received surrounding startups adds up to: Spend time on the right things. Get customers early. Have a short feedback loop to your customers. And not the least: Make sure you start with an experienced founder.

The last part resonated the most. Are there experienced founders in The Netherlands looking for new ventures to start and grow?

Let me know! I’m very interested and would love to explore together.


As ideas are a dime a dozen, I’ll share one of mine. Put as many holes in here as you’d like :) But if there’s any part of the idea which tickles your enthusiasm also do not hesitate to tell us!:

A car sharing service. There always is a vehicle within 5 to 10 minutes from your location. Subscriptions for 300 euros per month will allow (fair) unlimited use of relatively premium vehicles. (Tesla 3 which will also allow important future autonomous abilities)

- Initial market: The top n cities + their suburbs. The Netherlands. Late Generation Y early Z with a median+ income.

- Car ownership in NL is expensive and costs about 250-700 euros/month all in for a cheap to mid range vehicle.

- Cars are generally used for less than one hour per day.

- Generation Y and Z are less into ownership and status, more into “unlimited” and ease of use subscription services.

- The trend of (large) companies going towards 2-3 on premise working days and 2-3 WFH days per week will reduce rush-hour load. Companies going for a “only be at the office when necessary/for social cohesion reasons” solution will further reduce load.

- Autonomous driving is key in the near future. Initially we would need to figure out how to overcome this. Ideally the vehicle drives itself to our customers doorstep when requested.


As with any idea, there are lots of pro’s/cons to this. More in depth document → https://docs.google.com/document/d/1InNvzdEph2Q62524kTdhGjAgLlc3C9W1d0MRjGmEJfw

A bit offtopic but: I have been always scared to work with co-founders even if I know them, but looking for random people for the web looks way too scary.

Not because someone will do some nasty things, but because there is a high probability that there will be disputes about how to do things, which will lead to break up?

When I was looking for a coach in gym, at first I attended the gym for a year and I was silently looking at coaches there, how they behave, how they talk, and only after that I decided to hire the one who suits me most :)

Anyway, wish you luck!

I don’t disagree but sometimes single player rational behavior can be eclipsed when weighing in complicit factors.

I used to (and still do) think it would be absurd to buy a house in a neighborhood you’re not first-hand familiar with. Ideally, you’ve lived there before or rent to get a feel for it. And buying a house sight unseen - I would never!

But looking around you see how common this behavior is.

Increasingly people purchase cars without test driving as well, it seems.

When the price is right and the outcome isn’t permanent. When it’s to satisfy family or business interests.

I imagine a lot of what I’d consider financially sensible could actually lose me money if I were in a different situation. Perhaps this category of trade offs could be germane in choosing a business partner.

If you want to find good co-founders especially experienced ones, yo need to focus more on YOU and not the ideas. Start talking about who you are and what you bring to the table. Any past accomplishments that you are proud of ? Make your case. I am an experienced founder and if I do get a co-founder or even a partner, I will mostly focus on the WHO and not the WHAT. Good luck!!

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