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Ask HN: PWA Push Notifications for iOS?
10 points by loh 2 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments
Anyone know if/when this is coming?

If not, are there workarounds? Maybe a separate generic app that iOS users could optionally download which would enable native notifications pushed from various backends (not only your PWA, but any PWA)? If this doesn't exist, should it? And would people pay for it?

I have been using Prowl (https://prowlapp.com) for years now as the generic push notifications app. You pay a $3 one time fee and send notifications via a webhook.

> Anyone know if/when this is coming?

No date atm. There's a lot of rumors and the prefered one it's Apple make too much money of apps and if they gave the PWAs the possibility to receive notifications this will hurt them. But I don't rly believe that. Pwa are great but not rly ready to replace native apps. We always have clients that want native apps even if a basic web site (not a pwa) do the trick.

> Are there workarounds?


> If this doesn't exist, should it? And would people pay for it?

I've already ear that solution (here I think?). But yeah if this doesn't exist it should be invented. And if ppl don't want to pay for it, you can have a free version with sponsored notifications.

Sadly Apple hasn't said anything about their plans for PWA notifications/web push. If I was to guess, I'd say we may see them introduce some type of web notification support late this year. But it could easily take longer or not happen at all.

Ask Apple.

If it's less than the cost of an apple developer account I think that people would buy it. But I guess Apple would eventually ban it.

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