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Open-source tool for Cloud credentials management now support AWS Single Sign-on (github.com/noovolari)
25 points by andreacavagna 12 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

Captain here: A very useful tool used to manage and secure Cloud Access in multi-account environments. I use it to access (programmatic) multiple AWS accounts with my company email. *flyes away*

Great announcement for a great tool! I often use Leapp to manage my cloud credentials. I hope there's a chance to try it in the future with AWS SSO in my future projects.

I’m using AWS CDK, but I’m having trouble with AWS Single Sign On, will it be compatible ?

Yeah, definitely, because Leapp only generates plain short-lived credentials with access key and secret key, and the corresponding session token from AWS Single Sign-on. So it's fully compatible with all the open-source solutions, including CDK

It seems great! I hope it works well with SSO and standard iam access in a hybrid way

This is a very interesting tool!

great OSS project! Hope to have support for additional cloud providers soon!

Super cool! You guys rock!

Great tool, worth sharing

Awesome tool!!

it is much better than using profiles

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