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Thanks for tackling such big issues. Waiting for an access to opalang.org and for EasyOpa, something like EasyPHP but with OPA :) and running on WINDOWS !

When you guys say "a single programing language" do you consider CSS ? Or isn't CSS a programing language ?

We offer some facilities for CSS, but no, you are right, in that sentence, we do not really consider CSS a programming language. Most of our applications use regular CSS stylesheets, embedded in Opa – in particular, that's the case of all the examples in the tutorial.

You should consider having something like Less[1] embedded into Opa :-).

[1] http://lesscss.org/

Actually, we can essentially do that in Opa already, for many (but not all) CSS properties. It's not officially on our feature list, though, because we have many ideas that we haven't had time to implement.

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