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>During one of the calls, Parler’s CEO reported that Parler had a backlog of 26,000 reports of content that violated its community standards and remained on its service.

They were clearly lying when they claimed everything had been deleted... Their content moderation strategy is based entirely on volunteer moderators. You can keep claiming that AWS is just trying to deplatform conservatives but that's just not what happened.


I'm not sure how you're reading that - it's clearly showing they were trying to delete everything but the backlog was outpacing their ability to moderate. As I said, moderation is hard.

And why would you take Parler’s word for it? When your entire marketing is based on a lack of moderation and you have this insane backlog of offending content, but you look to their TOS as a source of truth and intent, you’re being disingenuous and willfully ignorant.

why would you take anyones word for anything? I'm sympathetic to the underdog that's being targeted so I have my bias, but I have a hard time watching any platform (I've never used parler) get targeted because of politics. I have a hard time believing that anyone truly believes parler was the primary reason DC riots happened just as I have a hard time understanding that people actually think this targeted de platforming will somehow create fewer extremists. In my mind it's rather obvious political targeting creates extremism and there are a number of platforms those extremists can use to communicate.

> (...) but I have a hard time watching any platform (...) get targeted because of politics.

Inciting mass assassinations, or even directly plan and coordinate them, is not politics.

Lots of things are hard. It's not AWS's problem that your job is hard. If you can't do the hard work to run your business, your business doesn't get to run.

If AWS cancel any customer that fails to succeed to an entirely arbitrary standard at problems that are "hard" then yeah, it kinda is AWS' problem. Or more specifically it's now Silicon Valley's problem because when these firms make identical decisions within 24 hours of each other nobody in politics is going to treat them all as unique and special snowflakes. The left have seen that they can apply pressure to get anything that isn't controlled by leftists erased from the internet, so they're going to amp up the volume 10,000% now. And the right have been complaining for years that tech firms have been captured by the censoring left - how will anyone ever convince them otherwise now? Claiming that Parler was full of Nazis? It's a tired strategy, it doesn't work anymore, the left describe anyone who isn't the left as Nazis and fascists. It won't convince anyone.

> it kinda is AWS' problem

That's obviously not the case. It's very clearly Parler's problem. I don't see why AWS should accommodate a customer just because the customer's problems are "hard".

The rest of your post is basically irrelevant imo, I'm not going to respond to rhetoric about party.

If you're 26,000 pieces of content behind, might 98 of those 26,000 be the ones you've been asked specifically to address by the other party in your contract?

Why is a backlog of 26,000 tasks acceptable? Why can't they auto-flag things upon report and hide them pending review? This is not a hard technical problem. This is a people and motivation problem.

Try getting 26,000 flagged operations behind when the flag is OFAC or underage porn and see who shuts down your business.

An aside, why are Parler users such thugs?

I see you've never used Twitter.

I use it all the time. Lots of rude people but nothing like Parler.

You think parler is a site of thugs because that's all you've seen. Just the same way you don't understand twitter to have tons of thugs because of what you've seen. More people have been killed and linked to #killallmen (which has trended nationally on twitter multiple times) than died at the DC riots. There's plenty of room for subjectivity, but I do think it's objective to say thugs exist on both platforms.

> More people have been killed and linked to #killallmen

Do you have a citation for that? Be interesting to see how many it actually is.

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