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I actually think this is fair and I’ve been talking pretty openly lately that we failed to identify a solid market for Beaker. This is why we’ve turned our focus lately to other tools in the ecosystem and been looking more closely for a PMF for the p2p tech. Happy to share more on HN but I’ve talked a lot about it on my YouTube channel already

While it's fair, I think the world is a better place for having projects like Beaker. It's important because despite not having a business case, it's a groundbreaking exploration of what technology can be and a platform for really free experimentation.

I've spent several hundred hours just experimenting within it and testing out ideas or refining things that were not previously tractable. In many cases, simply having beaker with its unique possibilities and constraints as a playground has helped inspire new ideas.

Unfortunately that doesn't automatically translate to anyone getting paid, or widespread adoption, or many other things people use to measure value. But many of the most important things aren't the ones we measure or celebrate.

Looking forward to checking out your videos pfrazee.

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