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Ask HN: Open Sourcing Everything
4 points by drakun 52 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments
Hello people. I am CTO of a small online travel company. We provide our users to book different types of trips.

Last a few days, I am thinking an idea about publishing our whole codebase as open source but I have 2 concerns:

1 - Security issues: publishing server side codebase can make our security problems open for others to attack. I feel closed codes are more safe especially for the first days.

2 - Business issues: our competitors can make some benefits by copying our technology for free, it may hurt our business part.

Benefits of open sourcing everything:

1 - Building trust: our customers and partners will know (or able to know) what they are using, what data we are collecting.

2 - Building stronger codebase: opening codes into front of the lots of people will give extra motivation to our team to build cleaner, more secure, stronger codebase.

3 - Allowing others to contribute: anyone who is interested our libraries, codebase can contribute our projects in someway(pull request, creating issues, etc.) which enables us to see from another eye.

I just want to hear your ideas, advices about this. What do you think? Thanks.

If you haven't yet, see: [The Cathedral and the Bazaar](http://catb.org/~esr/writings/cathedral-bazaar/)

I haven't seen this, I'll check it out. Thanks

concerns: 1 - In the long run your security will benefit from being open source, I think this is one of the main benefits. But in the beginning the holes in security will be exposed.

2 - If the main value of your product can be copied like that it is a problem, but the surrounding expertise is enough to go to you over others. Would you rather buy from the guy who just cloned your project or the people who actually wrote it?

I agree on the benefits!

thanks for your advices.

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