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Ask HN: Using BSL (Business Source) License as a Dual License?
9 points by osdev 4 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment
Hey everyone, what do think of open-source projects adopting the BSL ( Business Source License) with "Additional Use Grants" to allow production use for educational, non-profit, personal, private ( non-competitive ) users? This effectively allows the BSL to function as a "Dual License" where it can be configured to work as an "Apache 2.0 / MIT" like license for the majority of people ( via the use grant ) but restricts its usage by competitive companies/cloud-providers/etc which may take advantage of such services? I'm considering releasing a set of libraries ( and complementary web client/tools ) but under a BSL license and trying to gauge what the responses might be like. Also, do you think this is preferable to setting up a GPL/AGPL license with option to upgrade to a more permissive license?

BACKGROUND: I've noticed some open-source projects ( specifically larger ones like databases ) adopt BSL (Business Source License) license or similar as an alternative to pure "Open-Source" licenses like Apache 2.0, MIT, etc. The intent seems to be to prevent larger companies and cloud providers( AWS, Google, Azure) from abusing/taking advantage of their software it seems without any contributions/returns.

LINKS: https://mariadb.com/bsl-faq-adopting/ https://blog.adamretter.org.uk/business-source-license-adoption/

EDIT: Added links

It makes sense to me.

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