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Show HN: Symmetrical Drawing Tool for Doodling (aliciaunderhill.xyz)
114 points by cowllin 4 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 24 comments

If you add a very faint guideline in the middle (vertical/horizontal) maybe dashed then it might be easier to purposefully make use of the mirroring. Just a thought.


With radial symmetry, thin lines, and a high amount of split (50+), any amount of scribbling turns beautiful.

Really fun, reminds me of being a kid and playing with a Spirograph.

Spirograph! That takes me back to simpler days.

I was just thinking about this little device the other day but the name eluded me. What fanciful amalgam of search terms must one employ to locate such a thing via search engine? Stymying!

Thanks for dropping that gem here. Brilliant.

I made a Spirograph inspired toy a few years ago - https://autograph.ooer.com/#122.13379668036188,29.7044247941... (Click the Auto button to animate).

Credit where credit due: I submitted this on behalf of my partner who built this during her coding bootcamp a few years back!

It's a lot of fun! It would be awesome to have an option to see where the line of symmetry is to help draw more accurately

It's not working on mobile for me

Tried on latest Fennec and AOSP browser for LOS 17.1, no worky.

Seems like this is intended for desktop web use. Which while disappointing from one perspective is refreshing from the perspective that (in general) mobile is for consuming and the desktop can be for creating/producing.

For now seems like it doesn’t work on iOS.

I recommend you to check Sketchbook [0] from Autodesk for doodling on iOS devices. It’s free. It also has the symmetry feature and I use it quite a lot for doodling. It’s so fun!

[0] - https://www.sketchbook.com/

This is nice! It would be much more captivating if the canvas was full window size.

I used to spend hours doing this on Deluxe Paint II, back in 1988

This is lovely, and I really appreciate that the author has gone to the effort to explain how it works in the repo - https://github.com/uhLeeshUh/Andala

Reminds me a lot of the paint app we used to use with the KoalaPad back in the 80's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JXi1WSSfHw

Cool stuff. I made this in 1 min https://ibb.co/7vZV03F

I like it, but it spazzes out pretty frequently for me on MBP and suddenly draws lines through my design towards the center.

I have the same problem. To reproduce it, select a radial symmetry (works with 1, 3, 5, 10), and try to draw along the vertical axis. At some point, there will be suddenly lines between the center, all of your "current points" and all of their opposite (opposite being the point symmetric to them by the center).

Very nice, and fun too. I wanted more colours, almost right away. No orange, but a black background!!!

Ah, that brings back fond memories of DeluxePaint :heart:

Thank you, this made my day. Please port for mobile.

Symmetry ads beauty to any crappy stroke :)

Doesn’t work on iOS :(

A symmetrical drawing app for iOS that I like is Silk. It might not be perfect for precision drawing, but it’s fun. Many symmetry choices. (No affiliation but I own a copy.)

I wanted to use my fancy shmancy Apple Pencil!

so cathartic...

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