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Ask HN: Would you rather do a year in prison or be permabanned by tech giants?
3 points by inglor_cz on Jan 11, 2021 | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments
Let us have a hypothetical scenario where you can choose between a judicial punishment of one year in prison, or being let go, but all the digital giants (let us say FAAG + Visa + Mastercard + Cloudflare) impose a permaban on you. What would be more disruptive to your life?

I have family. At the end of the day (and start of the day) everything I do online doesn't matter if I can't spend time with my family. Also I don't plan to overthrow a government so both options are pretty remote in my life.


I am biased by the fact that I grew up in late Communist Czechoslovakia, but the American self-assuredness that "they only come for the bad guys" strikes me as very short-sighted. Precisely the USA with its long history of systemic discrimination against various outgroups should be wary of this kind of complacency.

At least I'd still have Netflix.

Maybe not if you were banned by the credit card companies.

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