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I can also recommend "Algorithms to Live By", by Brian Christian & Tom Griffiths. https://www.amazon.com/Algorithms-Live-Computer-Science-Deci...

Super accessible.

I recommend that one to my students. I also recommend Brian's new book titled "The Alignment Problem" and it is cited in the book.

I still think about this book every time I get on Zillow. Great chapter on buying a home.

Yeah, that was a really great book. Also has a well-produced narration available on Audible that I listened to. I recommend it.

I bumped into this accidentally having ever heard of it. It is one of those pleasures of browsing through a library. Lovely book, easy to understand with a broad range of topics and insights. Recommended!

Just started reading this thanks to your recommendation, it looks like a really entertaining book, thanks!

PS for others, it's on libgen...

Shh.. first rule of *

I love this book. Listened to it 4-5 times. Lots of really practical application

Such a good book. I learned so much about life from the multi-armed bandit problem.

Reading this at the moment! Fantastic book and easy to read

Yes! ATLB is fantastic!

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