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I agree with you on this. I'm surprised that someone like Fred wouldn't just setup his own servers somewhere, even colo, with a mirror elsewhere which would make more sense then relying on a google docs or anyone. I've done it this way since the 90's. The only drawback is having the expertise to do it right and the cost. Something that shouldn't be an issue to someone with money and access to expertise like Fred.

I agree with the other comments that you are less of a target in general also depending on where your docs are located (or where your server is colocated even if it's your house).

Fred is going for the low hanging fruit solution to a problem. Not necessarily the best solution.

Cost includes time spent setting it up and maintaining it, which includes time spent cleaning up the mess when an upgrade breaks something. Upgrades shouldn't break anything, but sometimes they do. Also, he'd retain the primary responsibility for making backups, which he explicitly mentions as something he likes not having to do any more.

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