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I have been pursuing a similar setup, but one of the last sticking points for me has been the absence of a VPN I could use on the road. I finally ended up with a satisfying solution based on openswan:


This is a VPN that installs to Amazon EC2, but could trivially install on any other VPS provider (or even at home). The reason I targeted EC2 is because it is the most difficult to work with (due to IP traffic restrictions). However, EC2 also provides a mechanism for dynamically binding IP addresses to your instance, meaning it is easy for your VPN to hop around.

The major advance of swandive is that it is compatible, out of the box, with every device out there. It doesn't require you to root your Android device, it Just Works with iOS, there is no client to install for it to work on OS X or Windows. Install Swandive, connect, then destroy your VPS when you're done. Disposable and Universal.

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