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Being on the cloud can be really really nice, but does Charles realize that what he just did was give employees at Google a free look at _every thing the Union Square Ventures does.

They now have access to your financials, your location, your search, your email. You've handed the most amazing trove of your business's intelligence over to Google to manage and handle for you.

Generally I trust Google. But, when a company has a fiduciary duty to maximize shareholder value, and more and more corporations start switching over to a Google Apps platform over the next decade. I'd be suprised if Google didn't start to use that huge trove of business intelligence to it's financial advantage.

If Google acquires a company that's in Union Square's portfolio, wouldn't it be silly _not_ to look at what's been going on in Charles River's Google Apps account regarding that company?

This is Fred Wilson / Union Square Ventures, not Charles River, but your point stands.

That said, I don't agree. Sure its possible, but Google is going to jeopardize its entire business to see what Fred Wilson is emailing his partners? Yeah right.

They don't have to read his email, just analyze it algorithmicly. They already generate some kind of index of how many times each interesting word is used, otherwise they couldn't provide ads or fast searching. They only have to view that index as a histogram to reveal all kinds of interesting stuff about Fred's business -- information that he gets an advantage from keeping private.

It depends... Google can say (and can be truth) there were prediction algorithms that analyzed your e-mail and they acted on that!

* blushes * fixed.

I don't think it's fair to assume that Google routinely and casually violates the privacy and trust of their users.

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