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"The Internet may have made this transition seem too easy. In Internet communities, it's fairly easy to build consensus. Membership is voluntary, and people who don't like the rules can leave (or they can be kicked out: there is no requirement for due process). Moreover, many resources are infinite on the Internet. People aren't fighting over scarce housing or lucrative jobs. They are befriending one another, sharing information, and accumulating status, points, and experiences."

housing and jobs are scarce because of shitty government, including shitty democracies (arguably mainly due to the monetary policies of the biggest shittiest democracies).

poverty is a solved problem. it persists because it is profitable for the people with guns and money printing presses for it to persist and no one will stand up to them. at least not without nukes.

the scarce resource argument is bullshit. humans are net wealth producers if you leave them alone. this is doubly true since we cracked the atom. the reason we have unsafe, waste producing nuclear reactors instead of thorium reactors is because governments wanted plants that could produce weapons grade material. http://www.energyfromthorium.com/history.html

Totally a solved problem. Even in wealthy countries, the poor are often poor because many governments discourage savings (by lower interest rates into the basement), discourage work (with high income taxes, welfare payments, unemployment insurance, food stamps, Medicaid). All of this fosters a culture where work is not seen as the vital thing that it is and where giving up is the easiest thing to do.

Other policies are made to cater to the monied interests, at the expense of the non-monied, causing many things to be more expensive than they need to be. Housing, health care, education, transportation all fall into this category. All of these things should be getting cheaper over time, but once government establishes control, that control is inevitable hired out to the highest bidder and used to benefit them at the expense of the consumer.

Of course, where there is no rule of law, the thugs just take everything as soon as you produce it, which is worse, I guess. But at least people who escape it often still have the work ethic necessary to succeed in a free society. That is, unless the government "helps" them.

Yes, I'm sure if we let government step out of the way and give corporations a free hand, everything will get much better.

Government is more a tool of entrenched interests than you may realize.

Corporations are just mechanisms for individuals to cooperatively own assets. Not the source of all evil in the modern world.

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