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I have worked corporate government web development for over a decade (sigh). I helped bring in use of open source and php there and in a way it has always operated as a startup with constant staff/tech changes.

But going it alone in the real world has been a teacher of many new lessons. I am struggling everyday to balance working towards a goal while maintaining the present reality. I am not alone in my current startup (http://infostripe.com) but it's pretty much down to me right now to finance, develop, market, and support it. Developing and managing growth are tasks I actually crave to do and my goal right now is to build an idea slowly, work hard, refine and iterate the results until it begins to take on a life of its own and we can afford specialists and consider investment.

I would say for sure that until you do reach the point of stability in your code and business model that you are living a particular lifestyle. Any time you can find to get closer to profitability is your life. I've watched many small business owners go through the same startup cycles. Some make it and some don't. It just really comes down to the fact that if the thing you are going after is something that you Love to do it will ultimately get easier if it is a decent idea. The something whether code or knitting is the thing that you want to do so figuring out the rest just enables your passion.

I believe ultimately that being able to think up, program and execute technical and/or products and craft ideas for making coin online is an ever growing small business of the now and future.

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