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It's funny, I have been around so long in this game that I remember never really liking Netscape, ever.

IE3 in some ways made web dev fun and interesting again. Then IE4 took over and I was pretty happy using it as Netscape grew fat and slow. Netscape 4 was ok and that was the short lived first era of decent browser consistency.

I don't remember much about IE5, head down developing and skipping classes but I do remember when MS broke all our hearts with IE6. It started out all so well then it turned to mush and our faces melted as we glimpsed the future carved in exceptions and special handling.

Web dev from then until very recently has been haunted and stunted and repeatedly annoyed by efforts to include IE6 "Support". Out of a perverse loyalty to doing things well in all browsers and an employer's choices have meant that I have been one of those making an effort all these long dark years. Ten years with a corporate network that I believe is still running IE7 in compatibility mode today taught me lots of useless IE skills and.. creative thinking.

Thanks WP for joining the kill IE6..7..8 effort. 9 isn't bad but they will probably screw it up.


Not sure if you're aware of it, but the reason you're being down voted is not because of your comment (which is fine), but because you've included a link to your blog which adds nothing to the discussion and is generally not viewed as a positive thing

[edit: 1 - I upvoted you because I thought your comment was good. 2 - at the time of writing your comment looked to be at about -2 but now it's back in the +ve]

Ahh sorry about that I sign my link as a sig all the time out of habit. I guess in a way it could be related as that link is a project I work on that has minimal intentional IE6 support. :) I'll remember that tip regardless.

You can put it in your about in Hacker News.

The funny thing is that IE6 was considered standard compliant back in 2001. AFAIK MS claimed it was CSS1 compliant based on the CSS1 test suite (and AFAIK they weren't the only ones praising it as standard-compliant). But the test suite was incomplete, as pointed out by Hixie, and in any case CSS1 is old now (which is why WordPress say current web standards).

> 9 isn't bad but they will probably screw it up.

We just had a request from a realty company to roll back all of their IE 9 updates because it breaks the image positioning for some slide show widget on a handful of different sites.

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