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They are only discontinuing support for the admin part of the package which is very javascript heavy. The default frontend theme will, I am sure, continue to support IE6 for a long time.

The new Twenty Eleven theme [1] doesn't fully support IE6 (there's comments on that bug) but I believe it works OK in it. As WordPress is completely themeable, there will probably be themes that support IE6 for years to come.

More interesting (for me at least) is that WordPress 3.2 will require PHP5.2 [2]. WordPress had lots of legacy code for PHP4 that made coding plugins for it a pain.

[1] http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/17198

[2] http://wordpress.org/news/2011/05/wordpress-3-2-beta-1/

Actually the default frontend theme (twentyten) has already dropped ie6 support for the dropdown navigation (can be solved installing a plugin for those who need to support it)

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