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I just created http://unaffixed.com for finding and posting Gumroad-like jobs [1].

It's just a markdown file converted to html and served from a Fastmail folder.

My process was:

Read this thread [2] yesterday afternoon. Thought this sounded like a "looser" work environment. Searched "synonym loose". 3rd result was "unaffixed". Bought unaffixed.com and pointed it at Fastmail. MD to html with pandoc. Added water.css stylesheet last night. Thought up some ideas on making it better.

[1]: https://sahillavingia.com/work [2]: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=25686678

I like this idea but I must point out that every single open position for “comma.ai” is “ON SITE.”

So, um, affixed.

For this to be useful you’ll need some screening. Good luck with it!

(And assuming comma.ai posted this themselves, what a bizarre thing to do: start your recruiting process with an obvious lie? What does that say about your corporate culture?)

oooo, that's 100% my fault, not theirs!!! Removed it.

Already being crappy and failing fast....

Your SSL certificate is misconfigured.

Great idea, bookmarked for the future.

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