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Let me guess, you are non-technical?

Can you elaborate? As a one-liner, that sounds both ridiculous and belittling.

What does "technical" or "non-technical" have to do with his point? I am on the technical side of it, and have come to the conclusion that when I do start my own business it will be geared at having the life I want the whole time, not at some point off in the future. That is an entirely reasonable position to take.

I did not author the article.

I am technical and I realize that I want to better my non-technical skills. It really is all about relationships. You can't get meet someone and talk business the first time you meet, just get the contact info to follow up. You can't woo them on the first date.

Like many people here, HN has inspired me to actually do side projects with people. Yes making money is nice, especially when it is not from coder of fortune mercenary consulting but from product. Like many people here, I have a day job but get a lot from my side projects (The term startup is so meaningless). Having a day job lets us explore possibilities, without giving up some comfort

define non-technical.

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