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Why people think it is good idea to engage in mass suppression of speech? It is not just Trump himself, general Flynn, Powell, and even a random political cartoon satire author (that is not pro-trump) got banned.

If you take speech (and thus diplomacy) out of your opponent toolbox to deal with you, what tool is left?

>The four boxes of liberty is an idea that proposes: "There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."

Big tech, with crowds cheering, is pushing these people toward the one that we are going to regret.


> I find it odd that no one on the Democratic side is stopping to think what a civil war in which one side has disarmed themselves because they think weapons are evil and the other already is ideologically aligned with most of the police and military would look like.

That, my friend, would be a senseless massacre. You find it odd that most Americans don’t spend their daily lives worrying about getting literally murdered by Republicans? Why? Should they?

first of all, plenty of democrats own guns. not nearly as many as republicans, but I wouldn't be surprised if the gap closed a lot after controlling for urban vs rural living.

if anything is odd, it's that konjin just made a case for why it would be rational for democrats to push gun control and disarmament of the police.

> first of all, plenty of democrats own guns.

I’m aware of that, I was just going along with gp’s fantasies.

When you decide that half of people's opinions are criminal don't expect the law to save you.

Funny, I’m pretty sure it just did, as it has for the last 4 years of abject defeats the judiciary has been handing out to Trump. Good luck with your lynching fantasies, sounds like you’ll need it to get through the next 4 years.

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