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For those like me who internally struggle on which is the preferable language to study in depth (OCaml or SML), here is a practical source for SML:


I've been learning SML via this book, http://www.amazon.com/Elements-ML-Programming-ML97-2nd/dp/01...

Quite good and filled with the kind of exercises that help the language really sink in. Also the OS X installation process for SML/NJ has recently become quite simple.

One big difference between OCaml and SML is that ocamlopt makes it dead simple to create executables for a wide variety of platforms, and that is not so easy w/ SML/NJ.

I find SML a much "prettier" language than OCaml, but OCaml is much more widely used and maintained; SML seems to be largely a dead language now.

I still think SML is worthy of study - it's a great introduction to functional programming with an advanced type system w/o the additional complexity that laziness and monads bring to Haskell.

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