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Isn't $30 VERY low for this kind of app? Can any of the founders comment how they arrived at this pricing?

We're glad you see a lot of value in our app! The $30 price is for a limited time, so Hype will cost more eventually.

We debated quite a bit over the price. Even our own opinions would sometimes change on a daily basis! (And every single person we asked seemed to have a different opinion, too... the only common answer seemed to be "I dunno, pricing is hard".)

Based on beta feedback, Mac App Store trends, prices of similar apps, and the desire to quickly grow our user base, $30 seemed like a reasonable starting point.

It says it's an introductory price. It's low enough that a lot of people & companies won't care if they don't go on to use it, especially compared to pricing like the Flash IDE.

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