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Any plans to integrate audio playback tools? This is so very close to what we need for authoring interactive ebooks in the education sector, but audio is critical.

I'm building a different animation tool will eventually support audio/video sync - I've done lots of interactive e-learning production, and my tool, Edit Room (link in profile) is being built as a more general-purpose web motion graphics tool, with training as one possible market that I'd like to serve. It's not there yet, but the live prototype lets you quickly sequence text and boxes directly in the browser. Check it out and drop your email so you can be notified when that feature gets added...

We don't yet have any plans that we're ready to speak about publicly, but we are thinking of ways to support audio within Hype. WebKit and Mozilla are also working on some killer audio enhancements that might end up in future standards and browser releases, so we're keeping an eye on those, too.

Thanks, Ryan. You guys are doing a kickass job of keeping an eye on this thread for questions. I've sent links to your product and this thread to everyone I know in the educational publishing industry.

I can tell you from an insider's perspective who has worked with educational publishers for the last 8 years that they're all looking for a way to push interactive content to iOS devices that doesn't involve giving a 30% cut to Apple.

We're always happy to help, and we absolutely appreciate your referrals! If anyone wishes to chat in-depth, I can be reached at ryan@tumultco.com.

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