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I'm sure I'm wrong (and will be summarily slapped down), but I can't help but think that it is more than just possible that Apple would expose small/indie developers like this just to cull the number of apps in their store.

That just doesn't make any sense. Apple doesn't need any third-party henchmen to do this job. They have their own app-store guidelines that give them unilateral decision making capacity as to what does, and does not, make it in to their App Store.


I can't imagine it's possible to successfully sue someone for damages that were caused by a court decision.

Except for, you know, the presumably small devs that Apple fucked over in the process.

Oh, absolutely. It'd be awful if they did this. But it'd be fun to watch Lodsys try to fend off Apple's legal team.

I suspect if that really is a possible strategy (meaning Apple's legal team is so powerful that they would clearly beat the shit out of Lodsys's team), then threatening Lodsys with such a move would be a better one. That way, Lodsys would be scared to push too hard on the top app developers, and would back off before anyone gets hurt.

Now, of course, if they actually think they can take on Apple it's a different story. And I don't know enough about how the law works here to know if they could take them on or not.

Your definition of "fun" does not match mine.

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